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Welcome to Best Future: Empowering Early Development Through ESDM Programs

At Best Future, we specialise in unlocking the potential of every child through our intensive Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) early intervention programs. With a deep commitment to fostering growth and development, we offer comprehensive individualised programs designed to provide the necessary support for children at crucial early developmental stages and nurture and elevate your child's developmental journey.

Our Comprehensive Programs

Intensive Clinic Program 

Our Clinic Program provides a structured and supportive environment within our facilities. Through personalised sessions, we focus on individualised goals and tailor interventions to meet each child's unique needs. We employ evidence-based strategies to enhance communication, social skills, and overall developmental milestones. Through this program, we provide children with intensive one-on-one ESDM therapy for 12 to 24 hours per week. 

Home and Kinder (Community-Based) Program

Recognising the importance of a familiar setting, our Home & Kinder Program brings ESDM interventions directly to your doorstep. Our skilled team works closely with your child in the comfort of their home or in a kindergarten setting, providing personalised attention and guidance in a familiar environment. This program aims to seamlessly integrate developmental support into daily routines in natural settings.

Clinic and Community Hybrid Program

We also provide a comprehensive Hybrid Clinic-Based and Community-Based Program. This program combines the advantages of clinic-based focus and purpose designed environment with the inclusivity of community settings, so that tailored interventions are conducted in diverse environments, ensuring holistic growth and social integration.

Dance Therapy

Embrace the transformative power of dance, we may embed dance therapy in our specialised programs. Through creative movement and expression, our dance therapy sessions offer a unique avenue for children to explore emotions, enhance motor skills, and foster self-confidence in a nurturing and fun environment.

Casual Appointments

For families seeking flexible support or supplementary sessions, our Casual Sessions offer opportunities for occasional interventions. These sessions are designed to accommodate specific needs and schedules, providing additional support as needed. As we recommend intensive early intervention, Casual Appointments are only available subject to suitability and availability. 

Our Facilities

As part of our centre based program in Kew, Essendon and Point Cook, we provide ESDM programs that incorporate a simulated kinder outdoor environment with sandpits, playground equipment and outdoor play area. Autistic children often have difficulty transitioning from one activity to another. This environment is specifically designed to help children become accustomed with transitioning between indoor and outdoor activities, from one activity to another, between individual and group activities.

Whilst our focus is on delivering one-on-one intensive ESDM programs, the incorporation of indoor and outdoor group activities allows for practical implementation, reinforcement and generalisation of communication, social and self-regulation skills gained through ESDM.  

We are constantly improving our centres. Please feel free to request a tour.

Effectiveness of ESDM Therapy 

ESDM focuses on boosting children’s cognitive, social, emotional and language abilities and is effective in improving the rate of development for all children and permanently reducing the symptoms of autism.

From thorough research by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, children with the mildest cases of autism after receiving ESDM therapy can become "indistinguishable" from children who are not on the spectrum as result of changes in their brain. Similarly, research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry also found that ESDM therapy can normalise brain functioning for children with mild autism symptoms.

Improving IQ

Following 5 years of randomised clinical trials for ESDM, the University of Washington found that children who received ESDM therapeutic intervention had on average an increase in IQ score of 17.6 points compared to 4 points for children attending other community-based therapy programs. The study also showed that children who have received 2 years or more of ESDM therapy for 20 hours per week had greater improvements in language and cognitive abilities and adaptive behaviour, and had fewer autism symptoms than the children who received other interventions.


​For more information and recent publications about ESDM, please visit out webpage at What is ESDM?


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Autism early intervention found to normalize brain activity in children as young as 18 months

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ESDM Therapy Melbourne

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